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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Human Development and Family Studies


Much of the focus for Human Development and Family Studies “HDFS” students is on childhood and adolescence rather than late adulthood. If students are planning on working with families in the future, it is important that they understand the kinds of issues involving older adults. Since these students could be working with families with terminally ill elders, they need to know what the options are for the families and the terminally ill. Additionally, terminally ill elders need to understand their rights regarding the kind of care they are entitled to. If terminally ill elders understand the quality and type of care they are entitled to then this will help in recognizing malpractice and maltreatment towards the terminally ill elders. The two most common end of life options is hospice and palliative care. The proposal’s focus was on hospice care issues and touched lightly on what palliative care is. It is important that the students working with families understand the rights of families and the terminally ill. For the project, I created a narrated PowerPoint presentation in order to teach HDFS students at CSUMB about Hospice care for older adults. The project was conducted at the CSUMB campus and aimed at HDFS students. The focal topics of the presentation are on hospice care and the rights of the families and the elderly in the program. I covered all areas about what kind of service terminally ill elders are entitled to, and what they can do if they encounter malpractice.