Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Patricia Whang


The focus of this Capstone project is on the effectiveness of service learning and its role in teacher preparedness. This is an important issue for Liberal sStudies students, professors, and the community because in the Integrated Teacher Education Program, service learning is treated as preparation for teaching, and it can be seen that way for Traditional Pathway students as well. It is argued that while service learning works towards an admirable goal, there are obstacles and design decisions that keep it from being fully effective in preparing Liberal Studies students in becoming teachers. The three primary stakeholder perspectives chosen were service learners, professors, and service learning faculty because of their involvement and engagement. Three major action options emerged from an analysis of the data and were explored as ways to address the issue presented. In order for service learners and students in the community to both receive meaningful experiences, professors need to work closely within the community and its schools and teachers, while receiving active support from the University’s Dean and Chair. This is argued to be the most effective way to achieve the goals of improving the service learning experience for Liberal Studies students at CSUMB.