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Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


Human Communication

First Advisor

Gladys Cabadas


The plan for my project is to do a video documentary in which I interview trauma victims and survivors and discuss their instances and some of the practices that allowed them to overcome this difficult time. More specifically I am going to focus on the theme of inter-generational trauma and the effects that genocides and mass killings can have on people and their offspring. Being. That I am the great-grandson and 4th Generation descendant of an Armenian genocide survivor I hope to interview my grandmother and talk with her about the experiences of what it was like being the daughter of an Armenian genocide survivor. I also aim to interview a few other people with similar stories and experiences either from my family or outside of it. My goal in creating this project is to inform people more about the hardships that deal with inter-generational trauma, as well as enlighten people about the atrocities that came along with the Armenian genocide, and many other mass killings in history.

For the project, I have began to brainstorm with my cousin who will be helping me with the filming and editing about possible film dates and interviewees. I have decided that I am only going to interview people very close to me, as this can be a very sensitive topic. I plan to reach out to more people within the next couple weeks so that we can film and have most of filming done by the end of November. In terms of research, I have done a little more in depth research on not only the Armenian genocide, but inter-generational trauma as well, so that I am better equipped to conduct the interviews. The next step is just to reach out to more potential willing interviewees and pick a time this month that works out for everyone. Finally, we will go over the film and do the final editing towards the end of November so that the film will be ready to be presented at the festival in December.