Document Type

Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Paoze Thao


The benefits for incorporating multicultural literature in the classroom are vast, however, with population trends rising for a more biracial and multiracial society, it is important that we work to address the needs of these students. The purpose of my research is to examine the benefits of multicultural literature for students, specifically biracial and multiracial students, to discover if any schools in the Monterey Peninsula supply access to these resources in their library and if they are utilizing the work in their curriculum. Through the use of literature review, interviews with three librarians from three schools in the Monterey Peninsula School District, the results have indicated that multicultural literature plays a key role in a child’s identity and self-awareness and needs to be implemented by every school district in the Monterey Bay area.

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