Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Ondine Gage


How vaping is impacting one rural high school and what can be done. There has been an increase in the number of teens vaping. In order to understand this epidemic among teens and vaping, this research answers the following questions: What is vaping and why is it a problem? What are the health risks of vaping? Why is vaping among teens a concern? How is vaping impacting teens in local high school? In a review of literature on vaping, the research shows the negative impact on health and the increasing popularity of vaping especially among youth. This action research project reports on a collaboration between CSUMB Liberal Studies students and a local high school to learn what students know about vaping. Our findings indicate a need for more instruction on the health risks of vaping.