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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies

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Ondine Gage


Bullying is a major issue that schools are still having issues with. Students today are being bullied the most during their middle school years. In order to understand how we can address these issues and prevent it from continuing in this community, this report answers the following research questions: Is bullying a problem and why? What are the solutions or interventions to prevent bullying? What changes from elementary schools to middle schools that increase bullying for females? And how can we prevent females from bullying or becoming victimized? In a review of the literature on bullying from a female's perspective, the research shows that females are usually victimized by other females through social and verbal threats. This issue ranges from spreading rumors to exclusion of others. Another reason females are bullied is because of puberty. Another important finding is that female perpetrators use relational aggression to bully others. This report presents an interview of a local middle school to see what measures they have against bullying. The findings after conducting the interview showed that a major component to bullying in middle school is social media. The bullying continues to follow victims’ homes because of social media opportunities. The recommendation to prevent bullying is an informational blog or flyer, in both English and Spanish, for parents that addresses the impact that social media has on bullying and several tips for parents to reduce bullying in this community.