Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication

First Advisor

Debian Marty


In this paper, I will be discussing how texting is a flawed medium when acting as a main form of communication in a romantic relationship. This paper is based on the theoretical framework of Dacher Keltner’s second principle of power and James A. Mackin Jr.’s takes on communication ethics. To understand the effectiveness and ethics behind these frameworks, I utilized scholarly articles and conducted a survey of over 100 participants to support my findings. These findings were categorized into strengths and limitations as they pertained to the overall happiness impacted from texting in romantic relationships. The strengths and limitations listed in this paper include: texts of affirmation, consideration and informative texts, interpretation of tone, conflict resolution, and accessibility between partners. After further analysis of these categories, I have concluded that texting in romantic relationships should be utilized with caution due to the complexity of romantic relationships. While living in a technologically advanced society, it is easy to overlook the potential harms that texting has in our romantic relationships. The sensitivity that exists between texting and romantic relationships has led me to conclude that texting provides ethical concerns when discussing the promotion of happiness in a romantic relationship.

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