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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Health and Human Services


Public Health


Thousands of people go each year without access to flu vaccinations. In consideration of the current pandemic, there was a need for vaccinations in order to limit the possibility of a double pandemic. The Visiting Nurses Association (VNA), Community services is a non-profit organization that provides services that range from immunization to wellness programs. The community service department strives to connect with the community and construct programs that will assess their needs. The project consists of no-cost flu clinics working with agencies within the Monterey community. Interim is a transitional housing center for adults with mental illnesses. There was a need within this community based on the lack of access to medical support and needs. The project was performed at all three interim houses in Monterey county and open to all clients and staff at no cost. The results from the project were that the majority of the participants that were expected to attend received a flu vaccine at no-cost. These clinics were a success and it is recommended that the no-cost clinics continue to be performed.