Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Collaborative Health & Human Services

First Advisor

Andrea Ibessaine


The Monterey County Military & Veterans Affairs Office is a government agency that helps Veterans and their dependents with Military services that are offered in the Monterey County area. Some of the main problems that returning veterans are facing from coming back from OEF and OIF are behavioral health issues as far as PTSD, substance abuse and many more different health issues. Behaviors required to outlive in a war zone, such as keeping up a consistent state of alertness, may at first decipher into troublesome behaviors in civilian life, such as feeling tense or unsteady and being easily startled. Some of the main contributing factors are Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Suicidal thoughts and many other more factors. Some of the major consequences are not having enough behavioral health clinicians in the area and need More treatments for Substance Abuse patience. Sucicied risk is a big issue with veterans not getting help from the VA hospital. My capstone project is about the primary purpose of the Monterey County MHSA Initiative is to address the behavioral health issues among Afghanistan and Iraq U.S. War Veterans in Monterey County. The purpose of this project is to be able to find the right resources for the veterans.I created a survey for the veteran to be able to know what are the resources they need from the Monterey County Veterans Affair office. My recommendations are once we collect all of our survey data we are able to know how many veterans are in need of resources.

Available for download on Tuesday, December 23, 2025