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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


This year school has dramatically changed from in-person class to class that is done remotely over a device. Thus, the focus issue addressed in this capstone project is understanding and creating a designated at-home learning environment where students who are doing remote learning can benefit. This is important for students and parents because students are now completing the school year online and at home. An argument made is that creating a designated school area at home will give students a school mindset and create fewer distractions, therefore letting them concentrate on their schoolwork. Considerations of the issue included the perspectives of two teachers and parents of Harry Elementary School because of their relation to the issue. Three action options that emerged from an analysis of the data were: educating parents on the importance of a student’s environment and how it can affect learning; providing parents with tips and information on how to improve their at-home learning environment; and the resources they can use to do so. Providing parents with information on how to create and provide their child with an at-home learning environment is argued to be the most effective way to achieve the goals of a learning environment where students can thrive.