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Capstone Project

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Science & Environmental Policy


Columnar structures within the basal of the Aromas Sandstone are found in the Fort Ord area. These features contrast with the oxidized orange-reddish color of the Aromas Sandstone by their grayish reduced tint. Three hypotheses were identified to determine the genesis of these structures. Along with these hypotheses the paleoenvironmental implications that these features provided was also explored. Criteria were set for each hypothesis and methodologies were followed in order to refute or support the proposed hypotheses. Results yielded that these features were most likely formed by some type of fluid injection mechanism, either by liquefaction or artesian sand spring. These features are important because they can help in determining the occurrence and magnitude of past earthquakes as well as providing a possible guide to paleomovement of ground water.


Capstone Project (B.S.) Earth Systems Science & Policy Institute

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