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Capstone Project

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Science & Environmental Policy


o encourage the integration of people and nature, my Capstone Project promotes public awareness about naturals lands. This project involved the design, development and production of a self-guided nature trail brochure of a vernal pool ecosystem and its surroundings at Henneken Lake, Fort Ord, California. The brochure was designed to help the community and visitors to the area become more aware of nature and the environment. With this new awareness, the hope is that it would increase people's compassion for the environment and ultimately promote public action to protect and preserve our natural lands. The preliminary feedback that I obtained from an informal field test and the comments I gathered from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) suggest that this will be a successful tool in promoting public awareness about the area. The BLM plans to implement the self-guided nature trail brochure during the early part of 2000. Further study needs to be conducted in order to measure the effectiveness of this particular project. This could be accomplished by conducting pre- and post-tests to two target audiences. I recommend selecting one audience that does not possess a scientific background and another audience that does possess a scientific background. To be considered effective, the post-test scores would need to be higher than the pre-test scores for both groups. This level of effectiveness would suggest that the participants learned something new about nature or became more aware of the Henneken Lake area.


Capstone Project (B.S.) Earth Systems Science & Policy Institute

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