Inspire, create, unite : celebrating diversity

Kelsey C. Rowbotham, California State University, Monterey Bay

Capstone Project (B.A.) Liberal Studies Department


Celebrating cultures in diverse schools is important for young children. Such celebrations allow children to gain knowledge and experiences with other cultures. Intolerance and stereotypes stem from ignorance, misinformation, and fear. Thus, the more exposure children have to what they do not know or have not experienced, the greater the likelihood that they will be tolerant of cultural differences. Parents and staff of Bay View Academy were interviewed to see what could be done to sustain and grow what will hopefully become an annual Cultural Day at Bay View Academy. The results show that the collaboration between parents, staff, and the community is necessary for maintaining a successful event that engages the students deep into other cultures. More specifically, the day is supplemented with learning starts in the classroom with the teachers and then, as groups from the community come in to share their cultures with the students, the hands-on experiences further drives the teachers’ lessons home. The goal of this day is to create positive experiences tied with other cultures, as means of replacing negative perceptions. As a result of this project, hopefully the annual Cultural Day at Bay View Academy will continue to do such work.