The importance of the arts in schools : do the arts help the learning processes of students with special needs?

Suzanne Dolores Boswell, California State University, Monterey Bay

Capstone Project (B.A.) Liberal Studies Department


There are board members in the schools’ districts who want to take out the arts because of several reasons such as the cost and the lack of support. The arts in schools are not only beneficial to students with special needs, but all students as well. For instance, I am a student with ADHD and severe dyslexia and teachers always gave up on me until the arts were introduced. If the arts are kept in schools, all students will develop learning techniques to help them now and in the future. With the arts, teachers and parents will see their students being motivated and confident in whatever they want to do. Through many surveys, interviews, observations, and research I wanted to see how the arts were being incorporated in the classroom. The results that I discovered were that the teachers did not understand the importance of the arts. Also, some did not make time to include the arts in their classroom. Throughout this project I have opened the eyes to a few teachers to see what the arts can do for all students.