The Effect of High School Athletics On Academics Success For Students From Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Gregory S. Daniels Jr., California State University, Monterey Bay

Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department


Current research continues to explore the effects high school team sports have on student achievement. This study examined the connection between academic performance and team sports for Black high school students as well as for students from various ethnically diverse groups who, for the purpose of this analysis, are considered to be from backgrounds that are considered to be socio-economically disadvantaged. The study examined whether a well-coordinated study hall provided a foundation for self-regulation of academic task completion along with key responsibilities associated with skills for school success, such as school attendance, classroom behavior, and self-efficacy as mandated by the school’s policy for sports participation. The results indicated that a stable study hall learning environment did increase self-regulation for the athletes in this investigation, which included self-monitoring of academic progress and adherence to policy established for sports participation. It also corroborates research denoting the positive impact that sports and a positive learning environment, such as a well-run study hall, can have on academic success, for not only Black athletes in this study, but for students from other ethnic groups.