The ABC's of the future : for the community members of Red Bluff

April R. Havens, California State University, Monterey Bay

Capstone Project (B.A.) Liberal Studies Department


The Western community of Red Bluff needs a preschool. In 1917 a one-roomed school house, also known as the Little Red School House, was built to educate children. From 1965 until 2003 it was used as a preschool. When it closed, the community lost a historical building as well as the resources to empower preschoolers for its future generations. Ten Surveys were delivered to the community members of the West side of Red Bluff inquiring about their concerns regarding the closure. From the surveys three apparent themes emerged. From those three themes an action was put into place. A letter was written to the current deed holder of the building and the land that surrounds it, to inquire about the future plans for the building. Another letter was written to the Red Bluff Daily News Editor to communicate the need to educate the community and encourage them to express their support for a preschool in the Western community of Red Bluff. In order to help me out with these efforts I received a Capstone Grant from the Associated Students of CSU Monterey Bay.