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The latter of these questions is used as the focal point of the essay; however the answer is only delivered in the conclusion. The first of the two questions is used to construct the body of the essay. This discourse generates a background of reference necessary to discuss the relevance of a gay and lesbian identity in the progression of the movement. This essay suggests that a heterosexist dominant society constructs the gay and lesbian identity. The first part of the paper is devoted to four subsections in regards to this suggestion. The first subsection examines the existence of homophobia and heterosexist culture in Chile. The second subsection is devoted to the influence of the Catholic Church in Chile and its history of discrimination. Also discussed in the forth section is the Catholic Churches influence in Chilean government and its history, as well as contemporary state of discrimination. The gay and lesbian identity effects Chilean culture on a social, political and psychological level. This identity, like others, is complicated and impossible to cover entirely in a one month period. This essay only scratches the surface of a phenomenon, essential to the comprehension of gay and lesbian subordination.



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