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This visual representation of politics, media, and propaganda is decoupage on canvas. Pieces upon pieces of clippings or what I like to call, hot scraps are incorporated into a collage. This composition represents manipulation of power in efforts toward "Homeland Security". The objective of Encroachment is to question the color-coded danger levels, the Patriot Act, the media, and to ask WHO is benefiting from this manipulation of power? Encroachment directly questions why the media is seen as a reliable source for information, and how the media has the power to inform, inevitably the power to confuse, and to use propaganda as a method of control. Just as Marx saw religion as the opiate of the masses, I see media as an oppressor of Americans. It frightens me deeply to think that Americans simply believe what they are told, even when information is false. Who is responsible for this oppression? Who will be held accountable for the lies told? Encroachment is successful if it challenges the observer to question its chaotic images and variant disposition to feel the appropriate sense of urgency we should all be feeling about the downward spiral consuming our country.

These concepts are not new. Americas resources for truth are few and far between. My interpretations of the times we live in through my art are unvarnished and sincere. The mission of this piece is to transform the observer into a socially aware intellectual, who will critically explore and take action. My art is not created to be pretty or popular. My art is created to expose social injustices toward the transformation of culture and society.



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