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This study seeks to add to the existing literature on social influence and ego development. Using the imagery of music media as the independent variable, the purpose of this study is to explore the psychological effects of imagery as it portrays the female body and its degree of influence on the development of feelings of self-worth in women. The goal of this research is to document the perceptions women have to nudity, exposure, body sizes, and risqué attire of women in the music media. Erik Erikson's theory on development of ego and identity, specifically the effects of social influence on human development, guided this project. Imagery, as portrayed in the music media, is the focus of this research, because it is hypothesized that it may influence perception of self-worth. The hypothesis of this study is that the music media influences women's perceptions of what is the ideal female form and affects self-worth. More specifically, that the music media is a social influence and contributes to the development of self-image in women. Through quantitative data collection in surveys and qualitative data in interviews an analysis was taken of the perceptions of self-worth and identity in comparison to the amount of music media watched. The empirical findings supported the hypothesis of this research.



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