Culture, Society and Praxis

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Praxis and Analysis / Praxis y Análisis


Our journal is entering into a new year with renewed energy, and with a whole new editorial team. When the endeavor was initiated a few years back, Culture, Society & Praxis was envisioned first and foremost as a student online journal. The founding group identified as its mission to provide a space for students as intellectuals ready to envision transformative ideas through critical thinking. We think that we know what this means but, what does this really mean?

In a nutshell, it means that it is a space for students that firmly believe that the world can be transformed, but that it needs to be transformed as a result of an exercise of critical reflection triggered into action. This journal is about Praxis.

At a more practical level, Culture Society and Praxis is a venue for presentation and collaboration. Praxis is about bringing theoretical concepts to an everyday life horizon and applying them to real world situations. We want to think of this as a humanizing endeavor. Getting involved with this journal as a reader, author, editor or reviewer is to have an opportunity for creation. This is who we are, and this is the moment we are living in. This journal is a great contribution to the advancement of scholastic endeavors and it is your tool for putting ideas into action.

Our audience is wide but it is intended particularly for students and professionals interested in the transformation of culture and society. Our goal is to make an academic journal that includes voices from those who want to be heard. CS&P is multi-lingual, multicultural, inclusive, and experimental.

CS&P is coordinated by CSUMB students but it is open and is interested in generating curiosity and participation beyond our campus. It is also a peer-reviewed journal that allows students to be hands-on in the process of publication. Submissions are assigned to student reviewers that will consider the materials in an unbiased professional process of review. Here is a difference: while we aspire to high quality work, we do not reject materials. As we learn how to produce a professional journal, we work with the authors until we get it right, or close to right: we work in collaboration with the authors to polish their ideas with the expectations that such dedication will result in a publication. Rejecting an article is for us silencing. Working with an author to get the idea out is empowering.

This journal aims for the future, bringing about a new look and moving forward to providing academic success for its participants. Our hopes and ambitions are to take a community based effort and put it into this journal in order to give a voice to students that may otherwise have been left unheard. Our intentions are focused around the journal being a platform for student success.

CS&P is important because it has permitted us to grow as students of this University. It is pleasing to know we are part of an intellectual group that provides students with the opportunity to express their issues of concern. We are experimenting; perhaps we are creating a space for change to occur.