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In this issue of Culture Society and Praxis, we return to our reflections on War, Culture, and the Future. Jeff Kasik entertains a very difficult question for people in the US today. It is the question of the ethical dimension of the use of military force around the world, and also of the use of professional, disciplinary based knowledge in practices of war that allow combatant forces to engage effectively in killing the enemy. Easier said than done; Kasik faces the difficult task of putting into words what it is often impossible to articulate, particularly for those that have faced the need to pull the trigger.

Chad Roberts' piece brings us to another kind of war, one that we can certainly live with but one that often people simply do not know how to frame: it is the Graffiti Wars. His piece brings the magic of the insider's perspective, and challenges our readers to consider the true dimension of this sociological phenomenon of global proportions.

Hand in hand with the topic of sense of belonging, Violeta Mendoza Wagner writes a carefully framed reflection on the importance of Bilingual Education. Mendoza Wagner takes a strong stance in favor of considering Bilingual Education as an important tool to ensure the integration of the migrant population.

Ana Moran contributes to this issue a short piece of undeniable power. Her article challenges the reader with a direct question: Tell me if I pass and if I am worth it! The reader would agree that this rhetorical question is responded by Moran with a resounding and well articulated reflection on the importance of identity. Her piece is a clever and vivid reflection on the difficulties and importance of identity, and where class, gender and ethnicity intersect.

This time we have in the midst of our writers a coveted author that has written extensively and is one of the most renowned specialists in the history of Vietnam. David Anderson's piece takes us back to the questions that are difficult to answer, related to War, Peace and the Future. We are honored to have this guest piece and we hope our readers find it as relevant to the current issue as we think it is.