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art, digital art, photography, distortion, morphing, identity, conformity

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My capstone project Selcouth is a collection of digital portrait photographs of five strong and independent female family members, including a self portrait. In a creative process of distortion and morphing the body I want to create new and unexpected forms that reject all conformity and norms. Those aspects are psychosocial manmade constructs, and I see it as a "mystical power" pulling at us; trying to press us into specific forms of beauty, fashion, and behavior. The women in my portraits are breaking free from those limitations; morphing into the bodies that they want to inhabit and that manifest who they truly are. With Selcouth I want to join the current conversations that are happening about the beauty standard while contributing my perspective about embracing differences. My goal is to portray humanity and expand the parameters of what defines "beauty" as we know it.

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