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During 1970 the Kern General Hospital decided to make a few changes to their hospital that would hinder the health of patients with tuberculosis. Detailed is how tuberculosis patients advocated for their rights to appropriate/adequate health care. The article that follows focuses on the strike that took place in Coachella, California.Workers and supporters of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee protested unfair wages and inhumane working/living conditions. The article on the right-hand side acknowledges the work of farm workers, the United Farm Workers Organizing. Committee and scientists that advocated for the regulation of pesticides, herbicides, and DDT. Moreover, they state that Judge Locke recognized the harmful effects of such chemicals and stated that farm workers would be able to have 14 to 21 day leave after exposure to the harmful chemicals. The article below highlights the efforts of the New Horizon Club. They are dedicated in supporting farm worker families.


Jessie Diaz, Kern General Hospital, Bakersfield, California, patients, poisons, civic laws, pesticides, Coachella Strike, DDt, United Farm Workers Organizing Committee, Attorney Charles Farnsworth, Judge Locke, Visalia Superior Court, victory, Tulare County, ELMCO, judges, Boycott scab grapes, Veterans Memorial, Richgrove, Howard Neilson, New Horizon Club Services of Mcfarland, Mrs. Edna Velez, community, Mr. Jack Roland, rent, union, child care, Mr. Frank Villanueva, injunction









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Patients Have Rights Too, Pesticide Victory & Veterans Memorial Building Sued: Los Pacientes También Tienen Derechos, Una Victory



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