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This paper discusses the stress and mental and emotional health of undocumented students, including DACA students (referred to as DACAmented), DREAMERS, and AB 540 students, during their college application process and their college journey. Also, this paper focuses on how immigration status and stress factors impact undocumented students’ academic and personal life, how those factors impact the mental and emotional health of undocumented students, and how undocumented students overcome or address the stress factors they experience. Finally, this paper discusses how educational institutions in higher education need to improve to make an undocu-friendly and supportive environment for undocumented students.

Course and Instructor

PSY 400, Lisa Szechter


undocumented, DACA, Dreamers, stress, mental health, college


Counseling | Counselor Education | Psychology


I received an email notification about this award. My main goal with this paper is to bring more awareness to the undocumented student population in college in regards to how they are mentally and emotionally impacted by the stressors they experience as students and as undocumented individuals, and how college campuses can better support this population.

[2020 Honorable Mention] The Stress and Mental and Emotional Health of Undocumented Students