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The Removal of Beach Flats Community Garden: A Case of Environmental Racism is a podcast that details the plight of the Latinx community in the Santa Cruz County area of the Beach Flats. The community reclaimed an abandoned plot of land over 25 years that was being used for drug deals and prostitution. The community changed it into a community garden celebrating the various cultures from South America. The Seaside Corporation owns the land, which, despite not using it for years, decided in 2016 they would like to reclaim the land to pave a storage parking lot. This podcast details the plight of the community, interviews a documentarian who followed the struggle for the garden, and explains that environmental racism is not always massive companies dumping toxic waste. Environmental racism can happen on a much smaller scale even in areas we don’t expect.

Course and Instructor

GS336-01_FA22 Sara Salazar Hughes


Environmental Racism, Latinx, Social Justice, Global Studies


Demography, Population, and Ecology | Environmental Studies | Inequality and Stratification | Place and Environment


Doctor Salazar Hughes sent us the link and encouraged our group to submit the podcast. Our submission includes the podcast itself, as well as the script to the podcast (including the reference section). We removed last names from the script & podcast, but the documentarian's full name remains in both portions. She is not one of our group members.

[2023 Winner] The Removal of Beach Flats Community Garden: A Case of Environmental Racism