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My paper helps to shed light on the many inequalities and injustices that our minority ethnic groups face on a higher level versus their (majority) white counterparts, and it addresses how our legal system implements policies that perpetuate the oppression and suppression of marginalized groups. My paper also incorporates U.S. history and how our history has many deeply rooted practices related to racism and bigotry, and how certain xenophobic and nativist perspectives help to promote the false and negative connotations given to our minority ethnic groups. This in turn causes our law enforcement teams to be racially biased and prejudiced towards most minority groups to the point where they are stopped and frisked, detained, and incarcerated at a much higher rate versus people who are of European descent.

Course and Instructor

Patrick Belanger, HCOM 309


Mass incarceration rates of the African and Latino Communities, Racial Profiling, American Criminal Justice System, Minority Ethnic Groups, Legal officials, American government, mass media, popular culture, stereotypes, stop and frisk, negative connotations of minority ethnic groups


This paper is the winner of the 2017 Ethnic Studies Research Paper Award.

[2017 Winner] Minority Ethnic Groups and their Experiences with Racial Profiling and Mass Incarceration Rates within the American Criminal Justice System