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Over the last three centuries, the indigenous Chamoru people of Guåhan have endured several accounts of foreign colonization. Through time and physical space, native Chamorus have witnessed environmental destruction of precious ancestral land, a loss of deeply rooted cultural traditions and language, and blatant disrespect for an island and its people by the U.S. military. As an unincorporated territory of the United States, the Department of Defense has made their point clear: Guåhan is a military vessel first and foremost and the future of the island lies within the hands of the U.S. government. Though Guåhan might be small in size, the strength and resilience of the native Chamoru people has persisted despite the increased militarization and colonization of the island. Through indigenous acts of resistance and self care, the intersections of poetic expression, love, and social justice uplifts and empowers the inhabitants of Guåhan and other surrounding islands in the Northern Marianas.

Course and Instructor

HCOM 475- Debra Busman


indigenous resistance, Chamoru, Guåhan, decolonization, militarization

[2020 Winner] The Power of Guinaiya: The Intersections of Love and Resistance Through the Native Chamoru Voice