Quantum Time Theory: Journals of a Traveler Through Time (Nevertime Chronology Book 1)


Quantum Time Theory: Journals of a Traveler Through Time (Nevertime Chronology Book 1)



8 brothers and sisters must learn how to Survive in a world where Time Travel is common, and the Present keeps changing every two to three weeks. They must endure the Seven Dangers of the Time World and Adapt to living in a Society of Time Travelers.

The invention of the Time Machine has created a veritable gold rush of greedy people bent on getting rich by Changing Time. Changing Time has been made illegal and so has Traveling to the Past without a permit, but Time Traveling criminals don’t care! They’re hell bent on using Time Machines to Travel to the recent Past so they can make a Change that will create a profit for them in the Present. The only problem is one change leads to another, so come the present, millions of things have changed, not just one. The entire human race has been Wiped Out again and again and replaced with a new slightly different population. The Time Travelers don’t care—so long as they’re getting rich. There are so many lawbreakers trying to get rich quick that they’ve had to form a Syndicate to coordinate their Changes, so now a Change comes every two to three weeks. The Central Time Authority has been created to arrest and punish lawbreakers, but greed and corruption have prevented it from bringing Traveling to an end. Law-abiding Longtimers avoid being Changed by getting into short-range Time Machines called Safe Houses and Traveling around the Changes in Time. They have created a Society of Suvivors who inhabit the Fourth Dimension and fight against Timecrime. Many of them live in Shawneetown, Illinois, a once great city made great again by a Change in Time. It is the second largest city in America and the headquarters of the Intertime Government and the Central Time Authority. It is also a hotbed of Timecrimers and Longtimers, the crossroads of Voiders, Pirates and the superrich Eloi. So when the brothers and sisters of the Vann family, Shawneetowners of Reality 250, are approached by their oldest brother Amos to enter the Timeflow, they don’t know what they’re getting into. They don’t want to be Time Travelers or Longtimers. They just want to lead their ordinary lives. Instead, they have to Adapt to the bizarre environments they find themselves in and make a new way of life in an ever-changing landscape. Dexter Vann is just an ordinary guy starting out in life, but he and his brothers and sisters find themselves constantly starting over. They have to battle the Seven Dangers of a Time Traveler’s life: Bystanders, Timecrimers, Time Changes, other Time Travelers, Time Travel itself, Bankruptcy, and Mental Stress. Dexter Vann wants to start a career, find love, and settle down, but there’s just one problem after another. Can he and his brothers and sisters Adapt? Can they Survive? Can they too become Longtimers? Don’t count on it, because the Timeflow is a Deathworld.


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Quantum Time Theory: Journals of a Traveler Through Time (Nevertime Chronology Book 1)