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The police system is “not broken” yet it is working exactly how it is meant to be running. Throughout the magazine we show examples breaking down the ways to rethink safety and what that truly means. Another topic that we see in need is breaking the school to prison pipeline. This is a huge problem that occurs in the daily lives of our nation's students. It is very important to showcase a healthy lifestyle in schools. If we are able to learn and implement new school systems the nation would advance from our current state. Breaking the school to prison pipeline lets people break the systemic oppression little by little. Starting conversations with folks about the unhealthy traditions we continue to promote is very important and simulating for the young minds. Starting conversations about white fragility is a way of getting people to not act as if racism is something they had never heard of before. Being able to bring all of the work and civil-rights activism throughout the years.

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HCOM 383 Abolition Magazine



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