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This piece represents finding pride in femininity. Too often little girls are told that being feminine is synonymous with being weak, and not being taken seriously. Pink is usually seen as a color of softness, but in this piece I wanted to use a vibrant, hot pink that is not soft to the eyes in the slightest. I also wanted to use the subject matter of platform heeled boots, because platforms make me feel far more empowered than a simple pair of stilettos, which men seem to prefer. This piece is about learning to not only embrace the power and joy found in femininity, but also to be proud and unashamed of it. The color palette is based on a lively "Pop Art" color scheme, hence why I used a bright yellow for the skin.

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Painting, Acrylic, Pop-art, Feminine, Femininity, Pride, Pink, Boots



Digital Format


Pink Platforms



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