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My response to these two drawings is centered around isolation from a bedroom perspective. After canceling out my original idea of taking photos of peoples bedrooms, what's a more personal way to approach the isolation period during COVID-19? That would be with drawing. As I took up most of my time in the whole year of isolating dedicated to drawing, I thought this decision made the most sense to add my own personal touch. I will reference that these photos mainly came from the articles I have read from 2020 and what it meant to isolate in your own bedroom. The anxieties of germs, the COVID-19 vaccination/mask policies, and the quick assumption that everyone must have it so just going out was a big no no. I think the most rewarding experience from drawing these two pieces was getting to feel something special or similar to what it was like to have something stolen from you without it being anyone's fault. Grief settled in as I got drawing the outline of the bed. I remembered crying over things that now, I have come to terms with losing. Like my time graduating with my two associate degrees, or getting to say goodbye to my friends before I moved to a whole new town, 3-4 hours away. Times changed. I wasn't ready to move on. This bedroom resembles that.

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Spring 2023


isolation, COVID-19, restriction



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Made for the Isolated



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