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The Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Greater Monterey County Region developed in response to the State of California’s approach to water resource management in California, the goal being increased regional self-sufficiency. Local water resource managers take a proactive leadership role in solving water management problems on a local level through collaborative regional planning.


An Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWM Plan) developed by 18 member entities that include government agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational organizations, water service districts, private water companies, and organizations representing agricultural, environmental, and community interests. The IRWM Plan is an expansion and modification of a previous plan – the May 2006 Salinas Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Functionally Equivalent Plan developed by Monterey County Water Resources Agency. This MOU recognizes the joint commitment of the undersigned parties to develop an IRWM Plan for the Greater Monterey County Region. The MOU does not impose any further commitments or obligations upon any signatory party other than to participate in this process of IRWM Plan development. The resulting IRWM Plan will enable agencies and organizations in the Greater Monterey County Region to apply for Proposition 84 and Proposition 1E grant funds to support water resource management projects in the Region. The Plan may also serve as a basis for obtaining grant funds through other sources.


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2016 - Memorandum of Understanding for Integrated Regional Water Management in the Greater Monterey County Region with Amendments through December 2016