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American Indian Laws and Treaties


Volume IV of the Compilation of Indian Laws and Treaties was prepared in compliance with the resolution adopted by the Sixty-ninth Congress. This volume embraces all laws relating to Indian affairs passed by Congress from December, 1913, to the end of the Sixty-ninth Congress, March 4, 1927. During that period of 14 years a large amount of Indian legislation of considerable importance was enacted; many Executive orders, proclamations, etc., covering Indian lands and reservations had been issued, and a number of unratified treaties with Indians in whose behalf legislation had been enacted or was pending in Congress and which treaties had a bearing on such acts of Congress or pending legislation, were included in this volume, together with the latest statement of trust funds standing to the credit of the several tribes of Indians in the Treasury of the United States.

Also included in this volume is a list of all treaties made with the Indians from 1778 to 1868 which have been before the Supreme Court of the United States for adjudication, and citation to opinions noted. There are further included in Volume IV the famous Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787, on the rights of Indians; a historical Statement of the Fort Laramie Treaty of September 17, 1851, and its Force and Effect; an article entitled "Power of Congress to Abrogate Indian Treaties;" a memorandum on Federal Jurisdiction over Indian Lands, Allotments, Alienation, and the Determination of Heirs of Deceased Indians, and an article entitled ''Doctrine of Indian Right of Occupancy and Possession of Land," supported by authorities, which papers will undoubtedly prove as serviceable and as ready a reference to Senators and Representatives on these important subjects as was the article appearing in Volume III, page 692, entitled "Power of the President to Set Aside by Proclamation or Executive Order Public Lands for Indian Reservations." (See Congressional Record, June 8, 1926, p. 10897.)


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1929 - Indian Affairs - Laws and Treaties, Laws Vol. IV, Charles J. Kappler