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Laws and treaties pertaining to America Indians


Volume V contains all Indian laws passed from March 4, 1927, to the end of the Seventy-fifth Congress on June 29, 1938. During this period a large quantity of important Indian legislation was enacted by Congress, including the so-called Wheeler-Howard Act; and many Executive orders and proclamations were issued by the President pertaining to Indian tribes and reservations. Several relevant unratified treaties and agreements with Indian tribes, in whose behalf legislation was enacted or is pending in Congress or whose cases are pending in the Court of Claims, were included in this volume. Also included were a number of leading decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Federal and State courts, the Court of Claims, and the Solicitor of the Interior Department, all of which vitally affect the interests of the Indians, their tribes, and their reservation lands. These decisions cover just compensation for lands taken, which includes interest; the determination of value of lands taken; the ownership of the natural resources located on treaty reservations; jurisdiction over the New York Indian tribes; powers of Indian tribes under the Wheeler-Howard Act;

application to Indians of tariff and customs laws under treaties, and the nature of counterclaims, set-offs, and gratuities allowed by the court to the Government against the Indian tribes. Also included in this volume was the docket of the Court of Claims of December 1938 listing all Indian claims pending before the court. The volume contained a list of all decisions rendered by the Court of Claims in Indian cases contained in Court of Claims Reports from volume 1 to volume 90, both inclusive. The latest statement of trust funds standing to the credit of the several Indian tribes in the Treasury of the United States was made part of this volume.


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1941- Indian Affairs - Laws and Treaties, Laws Vol V, Charles J. Kappler