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The book focuses on the importance of agriculture during the early American period of California history, 1846-1862. Edited extensively by Paul W. Gates, the book contains the 1861 letters of John Quincy Adams Warren that described his travels throughout Southern California, the Bay area, and northern Central Valley.


Published in 1967, the book, containing letters of John Quincy Adams Warren, was edited by Paul W. Gates who describes the importance of early agriculture in California. Gates writes about the complications created by the Mexican land grants and the beginning development of irrigation. He examines the early American period of California husbandry and beginnings of commercial farming. Gates provides detailed information concerning California ranchos and farms, summarizing livestock, grain, fruit and wine industries during the 1850s. The 1861 John Quincy Adams Warren letters included in the book were written by Warren throughout his travels in Southern California, the Bay area, and the northern counties of Central Valley. The letters were published in the American Stock Journal in 1860-1862. Warren’s primary interest was livestock followed by vineyards and orchards with agricultural pursuits receiving cursory attention. Warren criticized the state for allowing land monopolization by a few owners.


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1967 - California Ranchos and Farms; 1846-1862, Including the Letters: Of John Quincy Adams Warren of 1861, Being Largely Devoted to Livestock, Wheat Farming, Fruit Raising and the Wine Industry, Paul W. Gates.