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An 1847 publication addressing the climate, soil and agricultural products of both Alta California and Baja California and the 1946-47 and the history of military operations by the United States against Northern Mexico. Included are correspondence and documents pertaining to the U.S. government policy regarding annexation of conquered territories and the issues of slavery and emigrants in California.


The 1847 publication briefly address climate soil and agriculture in Alta and Baja California in chapter I. The following eight chapters consist of communications from the U.S. Government consisting of instructions in the event Mexico declared war, justification of and motives for war, various reports to Washington, communications with Mexican officials in Alta California, accounts of the military operations in California, the articles of capitulation entered into at Rancho of Cowanga on January 13, 1847, all of which are interspersed with personal observations and comments by the author. The final chapter deals with the question of whether slavery would be allowed in California, the policy of the South and its motive for a slave market and emigrants to California and Northern Mexico.


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1847 - Alta California:  Embracing Notices of the Climate, Soil, and Agricultural Products of Northern Mexico and the Pacific seaboard; also, a History of the Military and Naval Operations of the United States Directed Against the Territories of Northern Mexico, in the Year 1846-'47; with Documents Declaratory of the Policy of the Present Administration of the National Government in regard to the Annexation of Conquered Territory, and the Opinion of the Hon. James Buchanan on the Wilmot Proviso; by Thomas W. Streeter