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Dan Ouellette on Victor Pichardo:

According to Wikipedia, Victor Pichardo was born in Mexico City. His training in Mexican folk music has spanned most of his life, learning orally, first-hand from master artists in Mexico’s various musical regions. He has an incredible tale of the connection of Baroque music becoming part of Mexican roots. During his early years, he amassed not only a great deal of knowledge about many different Mexican folk styles, but also a sizable musical instrument and sound recording collection that he continues to mine for inspiration. As a result, Víctor plays over 50 different folk instruments used for the music of different regions of Mexico. He has released twelve commercial recordings and was a founding member of Zazhil (1981-1996), an international touring group from Mexico. In 1994 he co-founded Sones de Mexico Ensemble with Juan Díes and has served as its music director from the beginning.

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