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Dan Ouellette on Chick Corea:

Adventure is the operative word in Chick Corea’s rich and diverse career. One of the most creatively restless and indefatigably imaginative jazz artists in the history of the music, Corea defies easy categorization—equally at home in acoustic and electric settings, eager to find new ways of expression with old friends and quick to explore new partnerships with youthful adventure-seekers. He collaborated with Miles Davis on 13 studio and live recordings, he forged fusion explorations with Return to Forever for 10 albums, performed solo piano improvisations, composed children’s songs and formed new groups when his creative expression called for the gathering of new mates. At home in classical music, Corea has continued to create abundantly in the jazz world. “I see a lifetime of an artist as having two opposite vectors,” he said. “One is the pleasure of constantly learning and improving and expanding upon the art form. The other vector goes the other way, and that’s the body as it grows older. The body is born and is young with the vitality of youth, then it grows old, starts to decline then dies. Two opposing trends. The body just needs to be managed as well as possible, but the fertility [of creating] is fortunately all spiritual—and in this sense I feel creatively the best I’ve ever felt.”

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