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Ageing is associated with decreased physical activity, obesity and increased risk of hypertension (HTN). Master athletes (MA) have either pursued a physically active lifestyle throughout their life or initiated exercise or sport later in life. We assessed resting blood pressure (BP) in male and female World Masters Games (WMG) athletes. This was a cross-sectional, observational study which utilized an online survey to assess the blood pressure (BP) and other physiological parameters. Results: a total of 2793 participants were involved in this study. Key findings included differences between genders with males reporting higher resting SBP (+9.4%, < 0.001), resting DBP (+5.9%, < 0.001) and mean arterial pressure (+6.2%, < 0.001). Significant differences ( < 0.001) were also identified when comparing WMG athletes' resting BP results (genders combined) to the general Australian population with WMG athletes having a lower SBP ( < 0.001, -8.4%) and DBP ( < 0.001, -3.6%). Additionally, 19.9% of males and 49.7% of female WMG participants were normotensive whereas 35.7% of the general Australian population were normotensive. Only 8.1% of the WMG athletes (genders combined) were found to be HTN compared to 17.2% in the general Australian population. These findings reflect a low prevalence of HTN in WMG participants and support our hypothesis of a low prevalence of HTN in an active, but aged cohort of MA.


Published in Sports by MDPI. Available via doi: 10.3390/sports11040085.

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