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Horticulture, Environment, and Biotechnology


The strawberry growth and fruit yield of five Korean cultivars in the tunnel-type greenhouse predicted using their growth. The number of leaves, petiole length, leaf length and width, crown diameter, and the ratio of red and far-red (RFR) of the five Korean cultivars were measured during the cultivation period. The number of leaves of all cultivars exhibited a similar trend during this period; the plant and petiole length of ‘Maehyang’ were the longest, leaf length exhibited similar trends in all five cultivars except for ‘Jukhyang’, the leaf width of ‘Arihyang’, was the longest, and crown diameter of ‘Keumsil’ was the thickest. The leaf length, crown diameter, and RFR were associated with the fruit yield in the multiple linear regression. When a single model was used to predict the yield of all five cultivars, the correlation between expected yield and actual yield was r = 0.53. When cultivar-specific models were built for the prediction, the correlation increased to r = 0.77. The results indicated that the fruit yield of strawberry cultivars could be better predicted by considering cultivar-specific information, so it may be necessary to consider individual cultivars specifically rather than all cultivars simultaneously.


Published in Horticulture, Environment, and Biotechnology by Springer. Available via doi: 10.1007/s13580-021-00416-0.

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