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Each strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) cultivar has its own growth and yield characteristics. However, the characteristics of many cultivars have not been determined at a consistent time and place, making direct comparative analysis difficult. The objective of this study was to identify characteristics and trends of five Korean strawberry cultivars in the same environment during an entire season. Therefore, environmental factors such as daily average air temperature, daily average relative humidity, daily average solar radiation, daily soil temperature, daily soil water content, daily soil electrical conductivity (EC), plant growth characteristics such as the number of leaves, plant height, leaf length, leaf width, and crown diameter, and productivity characteristics such as flowering and fruiting were measured to investigate the possible correlations of the data over one season. The vegetative growth of “Seolhyang” and “Keumsil” was greater than that of “Jukhyang” and “Maehyang”. The yield of “Arihyang” was greater than that of all other cultivars. “Arihyang” also presented the greatest weight per number of fruits. Among environmental factors, higher variability in air temperature and soil water content was correlated to lower total fresh weight in the following week at different degrees for each cultivar. Among the cultivars, the time to the first flowering was delayed by about seven days when the number of leaves increased by one and was reduced by one day per 1 cm increase in plant height. The total fresh weight was enhanced up to 271 g per experimental unit, while the average number of leaves increased by one. The results indicate that the data can be used by those who need information regarding the characteristics of the strawberry cultivars through direct comparative analysis.


Published in Horticulturae by MDPI. Available via doi: 10.3390/horticulturae7020030.

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