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The following oral history is the result of a recorded interview conducted by a CSUMB student. The audio and draft transcript have not been edited for accuracy. This interview is part of the Oral History Community Memory Archive. The researcher is asked to bear in mind that they are listening to an original recording, and reading a verbatim transcript of the spoken word, rather than written prose.


Walt deFaria has been involved in some form of theatre since he was seven years old, when he put lights on an upside-down card table and used his sister’s dolls as actors. Born in 1926 in Sacramento, California, Walt has traveled the United States through multiple stints in the armed services, including having a desk in the Pentagon. While stationed in New York, Walt received approval to write a column for The Armed Forces Press Service about the theatre. Walt eventually found his way incorporating the theatre into his many roles in television in Fresno and Burlingame, California. Walt has spent the last thirty years bringing family-friendly theatre to Monterey County. If given the chance, he’s ready to do one more show. The following excerpt is just one example of the colorful life Mr. deFaria has lived.

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These oral histories express the personal views, memories, and opinions of the interviewee. They do not represent the policy or views of California State University, Monterey Bay.

Interview with Walt deFaria



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