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President Invites Ed Begley Jr. -- What You Otter Be Doing Oct 14 - Oct. 28 -- Democrat & Republican -- Retention Rates at CSUMB -- Controversy Brings Speaker to CSUMB -- Students Up for Studying -- The Turn of Textbooks -- Chinatown Symposium -- Ed Begley Jr. A green Machine -- Faculty of the Issue: Andrea Kenney -- Student of the Issue: Geralynn Legaspi -- Polling Locations Differ Depending On CSUMB Residency -- Senate Race Heats Up: Carly Fiorina Hopeful for State Senate -- Se calienta la pelea por el Senado: Carly Fiorina, candidata por la silla senatorial -- Fair Taxes and a Budget on Time? -- A Non-Traditional American Dream -- Going Back to School: Are you ever too old? -- Seafood from Abroad Not our Bay -- Fort Ording Have you explored? -- Poetry Slamming -- They're Small and Berry Good For You -- Vision & Volume -- NHL for Dummies -- Student Athletes: Do the Pros outweigh the Cons? -- The 24th Man -- Women's Volleyball Team Ranked 21st in the Country -- The Single Life Isn't Always the Simple Life -- You Got Dumped on Facebook ... -- What the Fuck Police? Police Make Their Presence Known -- Pursuit of Nothing -- Otter Oops -- Sexual Healing Sexy Hair Time --What's the one thing you would change about CSUMB?

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California State University, Monterey Bay; College student newspapers and periodicals; Seaside (Calif.)





Otter Realm, October 14, 2010



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