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Celebrating a Dream: Black History Month at CSUMB -- What You Otter Be Doing! -February 16 - February 29 -- Welcome Back -- CSU Chancellor Admits Inflated Reports: Tuition, Faculty Salaries Based on Erroneous CPEC Statistics -- La oficina del Rector admite Informes Inflados: salarios determinadas con informacion erronea -- Think Locally: Occupy Moves to Mobilize Its Policies -- Treasure Huntin': Marina's Grocery Outlet Touts Deals for CSUMB -- Strength In Numbers: Raising Student Awareness About Budget Cuts -- With Documents or Without Documents -- Con Papeles o sin Papeles -- To Drive or Not To Drive?: Concerns About Campus Transportation Have Students Looking For Solutions -- It's Not All Greek To Me: Knowing The Positives To A Social Life Viewed Negatively -- Still Time For Students To Travel Abroad: Taiwan, China, Italy and Spain Remain Available For Otters Struck With the Travel Bug -- The Otter Showcase Is Here!!! -- Changes to Google's Privacy Policy: Who's Googling whom? -- File Sharing on Campus: Risky Business?: A Look at Campus Policies in Light of Controversial Legislation -- What a SAD Story: Don't Let This Debate Rain on Your Parade -- Science Matters: How Science and Technology Mesh Together -- Don't Underestimate Intoxication: When "I'm good" isn't always an acceptable answer -- That's When Things Got Out of Control: Dangers can come in all different shapes and sizes -- The Vagina Monologues: CSUMB Ladies Take Back the Power of the Vagina! -- An Otter Wades to the Galapagos: Magical Island of "Saddle-Back" Tortoises Blows the Mind of One CSUMB Student -- Steppin' & A-Peppin: CSUMB Adds a Pep Band to its Basketball Cheer Section -- Still Fighting the Power: Rap, Race, Reality. Chuck D of Public Enemy Grab the Mic at University Center -- Filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt Animates Campus: Don Hertzfeldt Presented New and Old Films in a Rare Opportunity at the TAT Studio -- Weight Loss Remedy vs. The Perfect Salad: Recipe For A well Balanced Plate -- An Ord-erly Fort Information: Information on Fort Ord's Trails -- Otter Baseball Looks to Continue Upward Trend -- Otters, again, Receiving National Recognition: CSUMB Women's Basketball Went Far in NCAA Tournament -- Increased Service Learners Worries Some, Excites Others -- Names vs. Numbers: Lost in Translation -- Equestrian Crossing: Bronies at CSUMB -- Is It Worth the Blocks?: A review of the Newly Re-opened Otter Bay Restaurant --Otter Oops -- Sexual Healing Shining the Light On What Turns You Off -- So this is what it feels like -- "To the Clouds" -- Tides -- What is your response to Prop. 8 being ruled unconstitutional?

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Otter Realm, February 16, 2012



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