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Dream On? CSUMB Awakes to Dream Act Debate -- What You Otter Be Doing! October 27 - November 10 -- You Otter Dream like an American -- ShakeOut Before The Next Earthquake Breakout! CSUMB Practices Earthquake Safety Procedures -- Campus Police Go Green: CSUMB PD Takes a Greener Step and Adds a Hybrid to Their Fleet -- Plasticity: The New Superpower: Merzenich's Lecture Alters Audiences' Minds -- California's Hope: California Coastal Commission Vice-Chair, Mark Stone Talks Science and Politics -- A Live Conexion: Rural Youth Struggles to Technologically Literate -- Una Conexion Viva -- Dream On? CSUMB Awakes to Dream Act Debate -- Trouble With the Border(s): Immigration and US-Mexico Relations -- "Out & About" on Campus: LGBT Community Seeks More Representation -- I'm Coming Out! CSUMB Students Celebrate National Coming Out Day -- Sorority Fights Domestic Violence: Not Just an October Issue -- Otter Make a Difference Day: Student Volunteers Help their Surrounding Communities -- Disability Awareness Week: Academics Available for All Students -- CSUMB Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos -- El Asesinato de la Inocencia: Brutality Against Women Sparks Action From CSUMB Students -- CAMP GAINS MOMENTUM -- Federal Prohibition of Pot: California's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Continue a Battle to Offer Services -- Drink up, Monterey! County Decides to Build Desalination Plant -- Occupy Monterey: Monterey Locals, CSUMB Students and Faculty will take no more injustice! -- US Mail On the Verge of Delivering Its Last Letters: Longtime American Mainstay in the Fiscal Sleet n' Snow -- This Is Halloween, Or Is It? The Different Ways of Celebrating the Coming of Fall -- Otter Pride: Outside the Kelp Bed: Bringing Nature and Student Together -- Costumes on a College Budget: Put Together a Fun Look Without Ever Leaving Your Res Hall -- Monterey Keeps the Ghosts at Bay: In the Spirit of All Hallows Eve, Check Out Some of these Local Haunted Hotspots -- The Best in the West: 49ers and Raiders Finally Winning -- Team Otter CSUMB Gets Competitive in a New Way -- CSUMB Cross Country Tramples Over Records: Cross Country Runners Show Off their Skills in this Past Season -- Pests in Bed: What Is Really Sleeping With You -- If It's Not on Facebook, It's Not Real: Why Do We Take Facebook So Seriously? -- Too Many Babies Having Babies: Young Girls Propelling Into Family Life Too Fast -- Dad on a Mission: Becoming a New Parent and Accomplishing School Goals -- Otter Oops -- Sexual Healing Their Folks Do Not Like You -- Looking for Direction -- To my little girl, Love Daddy -- Tides -- What has been your biggest challenge this semester?

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Otter Realm, October 27, 2011



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