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Governor Comments on CSUMB Lawsuit & Prop. 30 -- What You Otter Be Doing November 1 - November 14 -- It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Political Saturation in American Lives -- Making A Difference: CSUMB Students Volunteer to Beautify Downtown Salinas -- Two Candidates, One Office, Five Days, The Student Voice!: What do Otters look for in their next President? -- The Power of Deduction: Accusations Over Payroll Deductions Surface...Again -- Graduating to Master Level: Grad School Fair Helps Map Students' Futures -- Salinas Walks Against Violence: "Cultivating Peace Through Faith and Action" Procession -- The Ups and Downs of Monterey Downs: Decisions Still Far Away -- It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Hotspot?: Wi-Fi on Campus Gets Much Needed Upgrade -- Sustainable Student Efforts: Environmental Affairs Committee's Efforts for a Sustainable Campus -- Students Restore Community: Steinbeck and Chinatown Restorations -- A Day to Remember: Dia de los Muertos: Life, Death, and Celebration -- Professors Strive for Racial Equality: Black and Brown Unity -- Otter Realm Prop Panel Draws Crowd -- International Film Festival returns to Monterey: Students Can View Films from All around the Globe at the Golden State Theatre for Free -- Green Peace Party: Seeks to Protect School Funding and Surrounding Wildlife -- Give Me Some Props! : Sales and Income Tax Increase, Paycheck Protection Initiative, What's Your Sentence?, Three Strikes, You're Out!, Get to Know Your GMO, Clean Energy and Clean Efficient Funding, Referendum on the State Senate Redistricting Boundaries -- CSU Votes on New Fees -- Court Deems DOMA Unconstitutional: Act Continues Falling as More States Rule in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage -- Drinking Without Thinking Unsafe: CSUMB Participates in National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week -- Salon Presents Eve of Hope Gala: Breast cancer survivors model in South American Fashion Show -- Are We What We Drink?: Youth's Guide to Drinking Alcohol while Keeping Calorie Intake Down -- A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving: Students Share Their Personal, Quirking Thanksgiving Traditions -- Pros & Cons of No Shave November: To Shave or Not to Shave -- Pursuing a Master's degree?: Second Thoughts on Pursuing Graduate School -- Bolner Raises an Issue: A Response to the Contending CSUMB Lawsuit -- California's Shifting Priorities: Higher Education Should Take Precedent over Prisons --History through Spoken Word Poetry: 12-Year Educator Michael Reyes Visits CSUMB -- "Silencio" Creates Noise on Campus: TAT Professor Premieres Movie at World Theater -- One Tricked Out House: CSUMB's Decoration Headquarters Spooks East Campus -- Otter Oops -- Sexual Healing Can your LOVE go the distance? -- Ghazal for Castroville -- TIDES -- If You Are Voting, Which Prop Are You Passionate About?

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Otter Realm, November 1, 2012



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