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CSUMB Welcomes President Ochoa Otter Realm Discusses CSUMB's Future -- What You Otter Be Doing September 20 - October 1 -- Changing Places, Changing Faces: The Otter Realm Welcomes Change -- Raise Your V.O.I.C.E.S. New Proposed Club on Campus Calls for a Diversity of Voices -- Reed Retires! What's Next for the CSU'S? -- The Tuition is Getting too Damn High: Rising Cost of Tuition and Attendance Hits Low-and Middle-Class Students -- Voting and Registration Please! -- Grass is Greener on Trenton Ct.: One RA's Mission to Bring Back the Green to East Campus -- Fuel Cost Empty Students Wallets: Rising Gas Prices Have Students Budgeting More Creatively -- Hantavirus Paranoia -- After Tentative Agreement with CSU: Faculty Union Settles Down and Looks Forward -- El Sindicato de Maestros LLega A Un Acuerdo Con CSU -- No Room for Transfers? Some Transfer Students Have No Place to Live On Campus -- Electronics IN The Classroom: Best Used For Educational Purposes Only? -- Campus Skating not so Black and White: Reformed Policy Prevents Student Distress --Otter Volleyball Opens CCAA Play: CSUMB team has eight freshman to go with eight returners -- Otter Stats and Standings -- Intramural Sports Season Begins: Variety of activities gives students opportunity to play what they want -- Women's Soccer off to Good Start: Reinke's Team is 3-2 including an upset win vs. No. 14 Chico State -- Tension Rises as Bulldozers Approach: Fort Ord Development Meets Resistance -- Otter Spotlight: Shedding Light on New and Uprising Features on Campus -- Student Archaeologists Digging Up Grants: Event Draws California Historians and Archaeologists -- President Ochoa Interview Cont... -- You Otter Study Abroad: Sweden: CSUMB Student Says "Hej" from Sweden -- International Students As fall settles upon CSUMB, so does it's international students -- Incoming! Meet the New Members of SHRL -- Let the Games Begin! Bring Glory to Your Dorm -- Restaurant Corner: A Glimpse into Paris Bakery -- K-Pop-ularity: Korean Pop Gains Popularity Throughout U.S. -- Lawmakers Denounce Anti-Semitism on College Campuses: The First Amendment and Academia -- Dr. Andrew Waters' Departure: Students Questioning Future Of Program -- The Top 5 Reasons CSUMB Students Need To Visit East Salinas -- Sexual Healing What Is Your Sexual Horoscope? -- 2012 President's Barbeque -- Ron Novak Obituary -- TIDES

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Otter Realm, September 20, 2012



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