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A Diverse Step into the Future -- What You Otter Be Doing May 3 - May 18 -- Goodbye, We Will Miss You -- United Front for Education: Pressure Mounts for Chancellor Reed -- Extended Education Summer Course Options -- Consumerism? Or a Revolution in Education: The Ratemyprofessors Effect, Part ii -- Lights, Camera, Action! TAT Service Learners Talk Fundamentals of Film Making -- Science Matters Assistive Technology Gives Aid to Students -- For Those with the Blues: Personal Growth and Counseling Center Can Help It Get Better -- CAPSTONE FESTIVAL: Highlights from this Year's Capstone Festival which Will Take Place on Friday, May 18th -- A Presidential Musing: CSUMB Faculty and Students Speak Out on the President's Departure -- Otter Alumni: Where Are They Now? Find Out Who's Amongst CSUMB Alumni -- A Diverse Step into the Future: CSUMB Students -- A Diverse Step into the Future: CSUMB Students Celebrate Achievements -- Economist Dr. Alice Rivlin Set to Speak at Commencement -- The Best and the Brightest: CSUMB Seniors Recognized at Honors Convocation -- A 1 Percent We Like to Hear About: Third Annual Distinguished Freshman Celebration Held in University center -- "Hoodie Walk" for Social Justice -- When Dreams Come True: Inaugurated AS' Plan for the Future -- One for the History Books: Obama Declares Fort Ord a National Monument -- Housing Changes: What Funding Can Buy -- It's Play Time: Fun in the Sun for this Summer in Monterey -- Summer Destinations 2012: A Road Trip Along the California Coast -- Summer Reading List: A Collection of Works for the Sun -- Beauty is in the Eye of the Beerholder: Supporting Local Breweries in Monterey County -- Music Goes Full Circle: Record Store Reverberates Vinyl in Monterey Area -- Eyes Like Satellites: Putting Listeners Into a Trance -- TUPAC: Dead or Alive? Changing the Definition of "Real" -- Music, Love, and Flowers: 45th Anniversary of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival -- Senoritas in Sombreros: Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles -- CSUMB Softball Gets Homefield Advantage -- Brain Doctors Without Borders: Monterey Company Connects Cognitive Experts to a School in Mexico City -- TUITION PAID IN INK: A Student Embracing His Gift -- Children Taking Care of Children: Oaxacan Field Workers' Struggles with Daycare -- A Teen in the Broccoli Fields -- Heart-Warming Support From CSUMB To Japan: The Japan Club Doing Their Best to Make Every T-shirt Count -- Brain Doctors Without Borders ...Passionate, Compassionate and Creative: Math Teacher from the Future -- The 7-Mile Educational Divide: Comparisons Show the Drastic Difference Between Schools Not Even 10 Minutes Away -- Steering Clear of Drunk Driving: Designated Driving Program Aims to give Designated Driving a Better Name -- Ms. Sorenson's Last Lesson: Local Youth Learn to Process Death Through the Heart-breaking Murder of Their Piano Teacher -- Working Hard or Hardly Working?: Pilar Gose strives to bring Professionalism back to the Monterey County Young Professionals Group --Youth in Pursuit: Activist Seduces Youth to Service, in a Good Way -- Selling Activism Charities: Buy Merch Now, Feel Good -- Students Perform a Show Behind Closed Curtains: Stars of the Show Not in the Spotlight -- Disc Golf Team Wins in Augusta: Team Places Fourth in Championship --Not Such a Grand Ol' Party for Womankind -- Dissecting "Graffiti Girl" High School and College Students Collaborate in Lit Project -- Insert Word: My College Experience was ---- -- The Issue with the Unit Cap: More Classes Please -- Otter Oops -- Sexual Healing Bucket List Sex Glossary -- What are you looking forward to in the Summer?

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Otter Realm, May 3, 2012



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