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Indecision 2016 Otter Realm Election Edition: What to Know for November 8 -- Not Voting? Not an Option -- Our History Is a Weapon -- What You Otter Be Doing! October 27TH - November 9TH -- The Bittersweet Celebration: VPA's Dia de los Muertos event honors the famous Mexican holiday with cultural traditions, remembrance, and festivities -- Please Enjoy Responsibly: Be Aware of Booze highlights the misconceptions surrounding college drinking -- Alumni Swim Back for Raft Weekend: Homecoming festivities featured under this year's new name -- Volleyball Struggles During Homecoming: Otters win one game during their three-game homestand -- After Game Thoughts: A Q & A with Anela Visesio, Otter Volleyball -- Otters Squash the Banana Slugs: Otters successful against UC Santa Cruz, break 2 school records -- Men's Soccer Shuts Out Holy Names University: Otters beat the Hawks 2 goals to none -- Planting the Seeds of Inclusion: Student interns assist elementary school garden clubs in Monterey County -- All in Good Fun: Building a campus community through intramural sports -- Ni Voz, Ni Voto? The Dreamers Speak! Undocumented Students: they may not have a vote, but they have a voice -- Where's the Beef? II -- Unsustainable Racism: Jacqueline Patterson on inequality, health, and environmental justice -- Soothing the Bern: Life after everyone's favorite socialist democrat left a 3rd degree on our hearts -- Becoming Aware: Bree Newsome on activism, racial injustice, and her famous Confederate Flag removal -- Prop it Like it's Hot: A quick proposition rundown for student voters HCOM 385 -- SQE AND CFA: Yes on Prop 55 -- Prop 64: Mary Jane Headed Toward a Household Name: Marijuana Legalization to be voted on in early November -- Ocean Forum; Diving Into the Issues -- Chief Eats: East Village Coffee Lounge, Monterey -- Ruins, but Not Ruined: A look at the former Fort Ord buildings around campus and its surrounding areas -- Otter Ebert's Newest Movie Picks: Holding the Man, The Accountant -- Letter From the AS President-- Decisions of a First-Time Voter: Why deciding between "the lesser of two evils" is not as difficult as some might suggest -- On Judaism: Spiritually Coming Home -- Around the Clock Mental Health Support: A little extra help from the PGCC when students need it most -- Person-First Versus Identity-First: How to respectfully acknowledge both people and their varying identities -- You Should Go and Love Yourself: Targeting the worldwide dilemma of negative body image and the role social media plays -- Otters of the Bay: How your political views differ from your family? -- I Love You, I Love You Not

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Otter Realm, October 27, 2016



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