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Victory in the Kelp Bed --Editor's Elucidations -- What You Otter Be Doing September 29 - October 12 -- Job Fair Offers Business Experience Opportunities -- Japan Club Leads Exploration of Overseas Culture -- Santa Cruz Mountains Light Up the Night -- Research Assistance Available to Students of All Majors -- Ovarian Cancer Awareness Is Important at Every Age -- First Tie of the Year for Men's Soccer: Otters finish fast-paced home game against Wildcats scoreless -- Women's Soccer Goes 2-0 at Home: Otters finish fast-paced home game against Wildcats scoreless -- Otters Go Undefeated at the Kelp Bed: Women's volleyball finishes first weekend at home with two wins -- What's Going Down in Seaside: What the Monterey Downs could mean for the community -- Master Plan, or Traffic Nightmare -- Behind the Apron: A look at the hand that feeds us -- Have You Seen Them? Wildlife living among us -- Let's Get Hacking -- Modified Perspectives Safe Tattoos and Piercings: What to consider before going under the needle -- At the Movies With Otter Ebert: Blair Witch Vs. The Magnificent 7 -- League of [Professional] Legends: The world of eSports and the students involved -- Flipping Out: Shanghai Acrobats visit CSUMB -- Otters of the Bay: A Otter Realm collaboration introducing the members of the CSUMB community -- Register to Vote & Win Extra Cash! NAACP @ CSUMB holds registration contest for student opportunities -- Beyond the Blue: My interview with UPD Officer Heather Murphy -- Welcoming Diversity: Reintroducing NCBI -- Spiritual...And Not -- How Not to Major in Overcommitting: The struggle to embrace our own needs in conjunction with life and its responsibilities -- Goldfish Syndrome: How our ever decreasing attention span affects our...oh, look, something shiny! -- Close at Heart, Far Apart: A guide to a lasting long-distance relationship in college

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California State University, Monterey Bay; College student newspapers and periodicals; Seaside (Calif.)





Otter Realm, September 29, 2016



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